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Posted11 February 2018 - 1:16 am

I know that my request is like a noob-request, but I want to make it.

In fact, Im a player of AOC since his beginning, but Ive learned a lot into Voobly.

And now, I cant learn anymore, I cant progress, I cant be recognized at my own level.

Why ? Because the system of rating is totally ****. The 1v1 system is good, but the ****.

Even into NPL, I had to play 1v1 to have a better rating. But into MS, both ratings are separated.

The rating starts at 1600, and then increase of decrease if you win or lose, alone of with your team.

This system would be fine, only if players could really be distinguished by it.

But thats not the case at all. I very (too) often play with players that dont know how to play into a team, how to communicate etc....and Ive lost a set of like 20 games without any victory !!...I was 1v4, 2v4, or 3v4. The others were total noobs....

I always have the best score of my team, with 13++ rating !! and they are like 14+, 15+ or even 16+ !!

But I cant play for the others....I can only help them.

So, could be the rating be calculated also with ratio K/D and score ?....
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Posted13 February 2018 - 6:56 pm
sound not good for me since certain strats or civ has a better K/D than other
exemple : goths have very bad K/D
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編集済み14 February 2018 - 1:26 am by [s1L3nT]Smokingmonkey
Your playing in the Beginners matches, so obviously not everyone is going to be good. Hence the rating being called Beginner
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編集済み15 February 2018 - 8:46 pm by tzaeru
I'm a total newbie, but I wanted to make a topic like this but with a bit more concrete suggestion; change the Elo system to TrueSkill and finetune the constants to be more in line with the expected win chances in AoE2.

Elo was designed for 1v1 chess, in which the players are already established. It was not designed for semi-anonymous online games, where new accounts come and go, and where team games are more common than 1v1s.

In Voobly's implementation, I feel that there's the following problems:
* The win chances are too optimistic. Under the Elo system, if two players at different ratings are at their "real" rank and play 100 games, their rank should not change. This is not so for Voobly. With 150 rating difference, the better player will win 99% of the time and since the game gives too much to the winner and takes too much from the loser, the Elo of the lower-ranked player will actually sink.
* The system does not account for unreliability of the rating. One easily quantifiable cause is not having enough games to sample from. An account with 0 games gets/loses the same amount of rating as an account with 10 000 games. This shouldn't be so.
* Splitting points in team games doesn't really make sense and makes it extremely slow to go up/down in team ratings. It's true that the impact of a single player is relatively smaller in a team game, but this statistical factor smoothes out regardless when you play hundreds of games.

I'd suggest that Voobly implements the [You must login to view link] or something similar to that. There are existing library implementations for almost any programming language.

Implementing some kind of a loose matchmaking system with a "Quick Join" button would probably also work. There are enough many players for that, at least at the moment. It'd be fun if you could tune the "Quick Join" to something like "join any 1v1 where the opponent is within 100 points from me in rating". But before that the ratings, I feel, should be less volatile.
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PostedYesterday, 3:49 am

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